5 Best Voice Chat Apps For Gaming (2020)

Apps 5 Best Voice Chat Apps For Gaming (2020)

Top 5 voice chat apps for Gamers

Gamers know how important is to communicate with their squad or teammates to conquer the battleground. Most of the games today includes built-in voice chat but they are not so good. Some may work but not good and some may not even work. If you are searching for good voice chat apps to communicate with your teammates, here are the 5 best voice apps to talk to your friends in the group.


Discord is a free to use service that enables the player to chat with other players on the same group via voice or text.  They can create a friends list and add the players to it. So that they can contact their friends anytime. Players can join various servers or create their own and start communicating.

Discord offers many features. One of the most useful and handy features is Gamemode. It is very useful for Youtubers if they are live streaming. Gamemode hides all the private information, emotes and voice chat. Discord also offers DDoS and IP protection. This protects the players from DDoS attack.

Players can also assign custom hotkeys and use Discord as an in-game overlay. The overlay is also a useful feature of discord. It allows the players to play the game as well as to communicate with other players using discord. It basically allows players to interact with both the game and other players at the same time.  The service also includes individual volume for other players so that the player can set their volume individually for each players.


  • 100% Free to use(includes free to create many servers as you want)
  • Security features(DDoS and IP protection)
  • Good tech support via Twitter


  • No self-hosted servers

Download for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod and iOS

Visit for Web

2.Team Speak  

The team speak 3 is the latest version of Team speak. It is also a good option to communicate with your teammates. It uses codecs named CELT, Speex and Opus(Discord only uses Opus) for voice chat and archives some good low latency. Teamspeak is useful for admins as it gives a lot of permission options to set to control and manage their server.

This is not the case with discord. Maybe the discord developers had decided to exclude this features to make the app clean and simple.

Teamspeak also supports file transfer and Anonymous usage. Individual volume levels can also be set in Teamspeak. This service support AES Encryption which can be enabled by admins. This makes all the communication encrypted inside the server and users other than the server won’t have access to it.

One of the good things about it is that encryption can be enabled server wide or to a specific conversation. Teamspeak also offers offline/LAN functionality and  fully customizable user interface.


  • Offline/Lan Functionality
  • Gamepad and joystick hotkey support
  • Advanced Permission Controls


  • Outdated UI

Download for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod and iOS


Mumble is a VoIP based chat tool for Gamers. Unlike Teamspeak, encryption is always enabled(Must be turned on manually in Teamspeak). Mumble doesn’t have any service behind it. Mumble is an open source tool thus making it run on all operating system including windows, mac, Linux.

It is very lightweight and lag free chat tool.Mumble also supports Low latency and high-quality voice. It uses Speex codecs to give an impressive audio quality to users. Speex also provides echo cancellations to Mumble.The bandwidth it requires is around 20 kbps and it is relatively low. The capacity of the app is no more than 18 MB and is also a lightweight app and is not seeking for a huge amount of resources to run.


  • Open source
  • Echo Cancellation


  • Requires technical skills to set up

Download for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod and iOS


Overtone is also a great app for gamers to communicate with their squads or teammates. The app’s interface is very simple and user-friendly. Overtone it is based on Vivox. Vivox is one of the best-integrated voice and text chat service which is used by popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, world of tanks etc.

It is free to use app that comes in a lightweight body. It doesn’t consume a lot of resources and it it is very simple to set up. Overtone also allows people to connect with other people with the similar interest and discover other players playing the same game. Unlike some other apps, overtone can also run in the browser.


  • Uses Vivox
  • Free to use
  • Lightweight


  • Creating team is not allowed in web

Download for Windows

Visit for Web


Most of the gamers know steam. It is widely used by gamers around the world. Steam has chat built into it. Many of the gamers have installed steam and running in the background.why not give it a shot before downloading and trying out other apps from the list?it comes in handy if the player plays the game from the steam like PUBG PC.

Steam enabled the chat on the web too so that the players can use steam chat on the browser if they don’t have the steam app installed. It also enables players to create a group and adds their friends to it.

Players can join the other groups with just a simple click with a unique URL. Players can mark other players as favorites and it will be displayed separately in favorites tab. Chat admins can set roles for members allowing them to manage the group, set chat restriction and kick out other members.


  • Web client available


  • Audio quality is not much good

Download for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Visit for Web


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