PureVPN Review: The Best VPN to Access Netflix and Display+ from Anywhere

Apps PureVPN Review: The Best VPN to Access Netflix and Display+ from Anywhere

Netflix and Disney+ is ​​one of the favorite platforms to stream the series and movies you like – or at least whenever they let you watch them

Unfortunately, licensing and distribution agreements are a big problem for those who want full access to the wide range of content offered by these streaming services from anywhere in the world.

You may miss very good options because the Netflix library depends on your current location. For example, some classics such as Parks and Recreation, House or The West Wing of the White House are available on Netflix USA, but cannot be viewed from the UK version (or others).

And even worse, if you are visiting another country, you will have to access the Netflix catalog of that location. This means that while you are abroad, you may miss your favorite movies or series that you have been hooked on lately.

Many users have chosen to avoid these annoying obstacles and bypass Netflix’s geographic restrictions using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, not all VPN services have the ability to circumvent advanced Netflix crashes.

Until recently, PureVPN was an example of this. It used to cost him to overcome the strict Netflix detection software, but not anymore! Once again, PureVPN manages to overcome Netflix crashes without problems; you will only need the right servers, and this VPN makes finding them very easy. In addition, the other features of PureVPN make it a favorite of users.

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Quick guide: How to unblock Netflix with PureVPN

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download the application (or browser extension) from PureVPN and install it.
  3. Select the Stream mode and choose Netflix from the Channels tab. From the browser extension, select Netflix on the popular pages tab.
  4. Connect to your Netflix account, and enjoy all the news!

Use PureVPN to access Netflix

Netflix has different versions for each region it works with; it is nothing new. However, VPN users have had it much easier in the past when it came to unlocking the content they wanted.

This changed in 2014, as the well-known streaming platform had to implement new detection measures to limit access through VPNs or proxies. Because of this, many of the people who traveled frequently (or who wanted a larger Netflix library in their own country) eventually found advanced VPN crashes when loading Netflix.

Today, the ongoing battle between Netflix and VPN providers is still in full force. Some VPNs are determined to continue overcoming strict Netflix blockades. After making some improvements, PureVPN is back on the list of services that beat the streaming giant.

Currently, PureVPN promises to unlock the content of Netflix USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Poland, Czech, and Greece. If you usually travel often, PureVPN offers you fluid access to the entire Netflix library in your country, no matter where you go.

During our investigation we found an interesting fact: in the FAQ section on Netflix VPNs, PureVPN recommends combining your service with a dedicated IP address to guarantee access to Netflix.

We contacted PureVPN customer support to see if this was really the case (and to make sure we were still able to unlock Netflix). Here is what they told us:

PureVPN Review

The support service confirmed that we could use the special servers for Netflix USA and the United Kingdom, which are easily found in PureVPN applications and their browser extensions. We also ask about dedicated IPs

PureVPN Review

As you can see, getting an additional dedicated IP with your PureVPN subscription is not necessary to access Netflix. That said, PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs in terms of static IPs, so if you ever need to get one for whatever reason (such as online banking), you will not have to spend a fortune.

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In our tests, PureVPN servers worked perfectly to connect us to Netflix USA and United Kingdom.

Are you looking for a VPN that reliably unlocks several Netflix libraries around the world? NordVPN is our number one choice for expert analysis and user ratings on it

What to look for in a VPN for Netflix

If your priority is to enjoy streaming content without geographical restrictions, be it Netflix or other services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer or HBO GO, there are some features that you need your VPN to have.

First, make sure it offers you unlimited bandwidth. Watching content streams consumes a lot of data, and you’re not interested in annoying limitations.

Second, check out the speed at which the VPN works. We already know that testing the speed before hiring the VPN can be complicated, so we recommend investigating a bit and reading user reviews to find accurate information.

Last but not least, you will need servers in the regions you are trying to access, and the more, the better. For example, accessing the Netflix USA library will require a VPN server that assigns you a United States IP address.

PureVPN offers you all this; with more than 2000 servers in more than 140 countries, you won’t have to work hard to find the perfect server for what you need. And if streaming is all that interests you, you have special streaming servers available for many of the most popular pages and services, including Netflix.

VPNs are not only for Netflix

PureVPN is more impressive when it comes to streaming services, but that’s not all.

In addition to offering easy access to geometric content worldwide, you get solid 256-bit encryption, in addition to offering all the great VPN protocols (including OpenVPN). This makes PureVPN a very good option to protect you from hackers both from home and using public WiFi.

Not only will you have an extra layer of security, but you may even save money with your VPN. Some services (such as VoIP providers) usually charge different fees depending on your location; With a VPN, you can benefit from the best price “changing” country, something especially useful when buying trips and hotels on the Internet.

That said, PureVPN is not the ideal option for those seeking total privacy. The provider keeps records of connections (although it does not collect your real IP or VPN IP) and in the past has shared information about its users with the authorities.

In summary? PureVPN works very well to enjoy streaming content and to protect you, but it does not have a true policy of zero records with this service.

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Get the most out of Netflix with PureVPN

Thanks to its recent updates, PureVPN will allow you to enjoy Netflix in all its splendor. You won’t have to worry about limitations on your Netflix subscription, even when you’re traveling. You will also not miss much entertainment as you will have easy and secure access to the Netflix USA and United Kingdom catalogs.

If you still have doubts about PureVPN, remember that you can try it before you buy it. In addition to its 31-day full satisfaction reimbursement guarantee, PureVPN also offers an economical 3-day trial period in which you can use absolutely everything.

You can also enjoy Netflix if you are on a trip and you don’t have a device, you can get devices from One World Rental UK.

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