How To Reset Airpods to Factory Settings

How to How To Reset Airpods to Factory Settings

How to reset Airpods

In some rare cases, Airpods may brick or run into a problem. Fortunately, Apple provided an option to factory reset Airpods that return it to their factory state. This can also be useful if you’re giving away the Airpods to someone. To note, the new Airpods pro has a slightly different procedure (but not to the extreme) than the first and second-generation variants for the factory reset.

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How to Reset the Airpods to the factory settings?

  1. Place your Airpods in the charging case and close the case lid for about 30 seconds and open the lid (Make sure that the case and Airpods have sufficient charge)
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth
  3. Find and tap the i button next to the Airpods you want to reset
  4. Now tap Forget this device and tap again to confirm it
How to reset Airpods
Image Source: Apple
  1. Press the setup button (located at the back of your Airpods) for about 15 seconds with the case lid open until the Amber light flashes.
  2. The flashing Amber shows that the Airpods are in the factory settings, ready to be paired with an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
How to reset Airpods
Image Source: Apple

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How to rename the Airpods?

  1. Go to the Settings and tap Bluetooth
  2. Find and tap the i button next to the Airpods you want to rename
  3. Tap the Name and enter the new name for your Airpods
  4. Tap Done to confirm it

What will happen if you reset the Airpods?

  • As soon as you reset the Airpods, the settings will be reset to the initial state.
  • The Airpods will no longer recognize any devices (Automatically) that are linked to the iCloud account. You have to set it up again.

Resetting the Airpods will fix the number of software issues but there is no guarantee. If you still face the problem, we recommend you to take it to the Apple service center for troubleshooting.-

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