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Siri Shortcut that Eject Water

Ever wonder if there is a way to eject water from iPhone’s speaker like the apple watch?

Apple announced a feature back in 2016 for Apple watch series 2. The apple watch series 2 and above can eject water from the speaker with just a tap. 2nd gen watches comes with a 50 MM water resistance rating that qualifies it is suitable for a pool swimming but the problem is with the speaker. It’s not possible to completely seal the speaker to avoid the water getting inside. After the watch is used in water or maybe a workout session, water will definitely enter the speaker and make them sound muffed.Apple clearly designed a low-frequency sound that actually splits out the water from the speaker while playing.

Have you ever thought what will happen if you play the same sound in iPhone? Will it eject the water in iPhone as well?

Yes, it does.

A developer named Josh used the same kind of frequency to eject water from the iPhones.Download the Siri shortcut from the link below


Now you can easily eject the water from iPhone’s speaker and makes it sound great again. Add it to your home screen or widgets, it’s up to you but this shortcut works like wonder.

Give it a shot!

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